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Inspired by timeless essentials that go beyond trends.


Purposefully designed.

EU 35 - 44 | Comfort width | Half-sizes available for heels


Crafted in limited quantities to ensure exclusivity, quality & minimal wastage.

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I don't like block heels but this is different. It doesn't make my legs look chunkier, how is that even possible?! SO in love with it. The packaging is brilliant, the shoes are well-made and the service was on-point! Thank you so much. For the price I paid, this whole experience has been so worth it! Thanks!!


I live in Brunei and happen to hear bout Toufie from a friend. Long story short, I now own 7 pairs of Toufie shoes, nuff said. 

Aini Az

For the quality, the shoes are worth it. It is really affordable for such high quality shoes. What a steal! I was hesitant to buy at first cause I don't buy shoes beyond the hundreds, but the feel I get from the shoes, I think I am addicted to Toufie shoes! The spiked heels, wait for me, I am coming for you!


My second purchase! It feels so soft & super duper comfy ... I'm loving it! 

I could feel the love that Toufie puts in their starts from the packaging to the shoes...You ladies sure put your hearts and souls on them... Good job, ladies!


Saw the shoes on ExpatLiving and fell in love with it instantly! The heels look really pretty and classy. I enjoy customizing my own heels. All my Korean friends love my shoes too! I will definitely buy more!! 감사합니다.

Hoiryung Park

The heels don't hurt! I kid you not! Very happy! I can confidently wear my heels without bringing an extra pair of flats. Life-saver!


Great shoes take you places. Thanks Toufie for the super comfy shoes! No more blisters for me! 


Loving this pair from Toufie!
One of the most comfortable pairs that I have ever had. Beautifully fit, unique design and craftsmanship. 
Highly recommended and will definitely go for another pair in near future! 😍


I got the Custom heels for my wife as an anniversary gift. She LOVES them! She has been wearing it every day since. A happy wife, happy life! I am a VERY HAPPY man! Thanks Toufie, you are a man's gift too!


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Toufie Signature

Exude confidence with Toufie Signature. Made of exquisite material and exacting craftsmanship, Toufie Signature is the perfect combination of luxury, beauty and comfort. Ladies, it's time to stand out and shine.

Be mine
Aruba 50 Black Aruba 50 Bluish-grey (LIMITED EDITION) Aruba 50 Navy Aruba 80 Black Aruba 80 Bluish-grey (LIMITED EDITION)



The classic full-leather pumps in either 5 or 8 cm heel height. Beautifully crafted, using only premium kidskin lining for silky soft feel. With its deeper toe box and comfort width, these pumps are definitely made for walking.

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