5 Ways to Wear Slingbacks and Stay Stylish

5 Ways to Wear Slingbacks and Stay Stylish

Slingbacks. Do you have a dowdy image of them in your mind?

Well, everything including shoes has its own journeys and timelines of popularity and fame. And it is only the publically imposed image of the shoes that you might carry in your mind if you do not closely follow this journey.

This is what possibly happened with Slingbacks in your case.

Exploring the story as it goes – They found their way in the market with Chanel's two-tone shoe series launch in 1957, attracted the fashion limelight in the 1970s, went through identity crisis later in the '90s, and now resurrected as a time-honored fashion symbol. The relaunched version is around since 2015 and is finding its way into the fashion mainstreams steadily.

Well, the truth remains they're not as famous yet and that justifies how you still think of them.

But, as you see them in their new-fangled modern avatar and the freshly appointed style, you may have all the praise for them.

As you change your mind going through the inspiring Slingback collections introduced lately, you should not miss on finding ways to wear them in style.

Style #1 The easy-going lady

The easy-going lady

Wearing the classic Slingbacks, you may really need to have a suave elegance that seamlessly reflects your personality. Be fluid with your dressing. Maybe wearing wide-leg jeans casually paired with a crisp blazer would get you ready for the exhibit. Bring on more neutral colors and go for a strikingly different shade of shoes to add on to the quirk of the new age Slingies.

Style #2 The 9-to-5 trendsetter

The 9-to-5 trendsetter

Going to work wearing a Slingback sounds quite natural and obvious. But, let's not make it too mundane and predictable here. Add on some charm and blaze to it. Aim at the after-office party even when you don't have one. This should get you closer to interesting ideas about pairing it with metals, pouches, and accessories that get you to be in the trendsetting highlight. Do it on every Slingback day!

Style #3 Out on a vacation

Yeah, you can count on Slingbacks to take you out on a holiday. It can be anything from a short trip or heading off for winter sun or a long escapade in a beach house property. Slingbacks can accompany you to places where you want something to help you break the norms. Just try to choose a strappy pair of shoes over anything completely covered. You can have them as a part of your evening wear ensemble accompanied by light fashion jewelry.

Style #4 Nature's kid

If you are more towards the organic and sustainable practice of fashion, try giving your undertone dressing affairs a style twist for a change with suede Slingbacks. Bringing this contrast to your low-key and neutral fashion tones you can stand out with how you carry textured fashion with that fine touch of Slingback styling to it.

Style #5 Party on mind

Whenever you have plans to go out and party as the weekend arrives, it is your chance to put your Slings on to ditch your overdone party staples. It's been a week since you are just having the work-coded clothing. Go high-spirited and flashy with glittery shoes and wear something elevating that lifts the party mood. And don't shy away to show it off!

Over to you!

Now as you know the different ways Slingback Shoes can add new lease of life to your shoe styling range, grab one before the revived fashion gets common. Pick your fashion mood. Take cues from the styling ideas and make the most of your Slingback shoes!