Beating blisters

Having the new shoes woes?

It does not matter what shoe it is. Designer flats, classy pumps or sexy high heels – blisters often become part of one’s painful shoe journey! They may be a common pain point for new shoes but, no one should just settle for them.

What causes blisters? Sweat is one of the main culprits, especially in this humid weather of ours! Walking style, swollen feet etc. can also lead to blisters no matter how comfy the shoes are.

But fear not, ladies. An ounce of prevention always goes a long way.  Learn our simple Tips and Tricks to kiss those blisters away!

Tip #1

The magic of Scotch tape.

Place a patch over the blister or area that you think will cause blister and you’re set to slip on your shoes. Note: Packing tape thickness is best.

Scotch tape to beat blisters_Toufie


Tip #2

Say YES to Petroleum jelly.

Vaseline works best! Rub some of these around areas that you think might have blisters. The jelly will reduce abrasion and thus, prevent blisters.

 Vaseline to reduce abrasion_toufie tips


Though our shoes are designed with comfort in mind, the leather does require some time to get acquainted with your feet. 😊 So multiple wears might be needed before real comfort kicks in. Also, getting shoes of the right size is a great start to a wonderful and lasting relationship with your shoes.

Once you have gotten the right shoes, you just have to break them in! Parade around the house prior to stepping outside. Doing so will help to “season” the shoe and points out the areas that are uncomfortable or painful. When the possible blister-prone areas are identified, put the Tips & Tricks to good use!


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