Common leather care mistakes

As we all know, leather is a durable, flexible, and appealing material, created by tanning animal hides and skins. It is one of the most important materials in the world of fashion. 

And why not? 

Any product made of leather gives us a premium look - be it your wallet, furniture, shoes, or even phone and laptop cases.

As durable as leather can be, it can also be damaged and torn out easily when not cared for properly. 

So let's study some of the common leather care taboos that you should avoid altogether if you want your premium leather goods to last longer.


  1. Using Soaps and Detergents

As we know, Leather is a very sensitive kind of material that can be easily damaged by washing products, if not cared properly. This also includes choosing the right soap and detergent. 

At times, people use strong cleaners such as soaps and detergents, which are very dangerous to leather. 

The integrity of the leather fibre gets damaged when it comes in contact with cleaners possessing high pH levels and leaves the leather dry and cracked.

Using Soaps and Detergents

The pH level of leather is 4.5, and the mild soaps possess a pH level of 7 to 8, and sometimes even 10! Even the numbers look frightening enough, isn't it?

So be very careful. Treat it like sensitive skin. So instead of using random soaps, use cleaners that are created especially for leather – those that use all natural plant-based ingredients would be great and gentle for leather. Check out Chamberlain’s Leather Straight Cleaner recipe No. 2.

Chamberlain’s Leather Straight Cleaner recipe No. 2

  1. Using Too Much Water 

Water, as unlikely as it seems, has some dire consequences. It is found easily, and of course, it's cheap. Hence, nobody thinks twice before using it. 

But did you know too much water is not always the solution to stain? And it may even damage your leather product? 

Water lubricates leather fibres. However, when allowed to enter deep into the leather pores, it damages the leather.

Hence, leather products are always recommended to be cleaned with a bit of wet cloth rather than washing them completely with water.

Using Too Much Water

  1. Using Household Cleaners 

Leather is skin and no one ever cleans his skin with household cleaners, right?

Household cleaners are meant for inorganic products, and not leather. It can cause drying, cracking, or sometimes staining out of your leather, which may not help your product survive long enough. 

If you are planning to use your desk cleaner to clean your leather bag, please don’t. 

Using Household Cleaners

  1. Using Conditioners Too Regularly 

Overusing is never good, is it? 

To get a silky-smooth touch and more premium quality look, people often use conditioning oil. This may work for a while, but after some time, you will notice the real impact.  

Have a look below the surface of your product, and you will be surprised to see how leather can absorb dirt. If this keeps happening for a long time, be ready to lose your product permanently because this damage is irreparable. 

So, when conditioning, limit it to once every 3-4 months. And never over-condition, as it’ll make your leather feeling damp to the touch and literally soggy.

Using Conditioners Regularly

Wrapping Up 

Although there is still a lot to highlight, these, however, were the most common mistakes made by new leather product users.

If you have already made any of the abovementioned mistakes, don’t worry. It happens but you should be happy that you know it now than never.

So, till the next leather care tips, adios!