Debunking myths about suede

Suedes are known to provoke fantasies and define poise. These buttery soft shoes have long been a companion of the high fashion scenes.

But, the fact remains, only a few people do suedes. For not all of them know suedes as they are. Most of them are hesitant to wear it finding it too dainty and delicate to handle. While rest believe suedes are not a good investment as they have their own myths supporting this belief.

But the reality is far from this as suede is one of the most outdoor-friendly and easy-to-maintain materials available for shoes.

So, there's a lot about suede that is wrongly known to most people. And we need to bust those popular myths NOW!

Myth #1 It's tough to maintain a suede

This may come to you as a surprise, but suede takes less maintenance than the glazes leather shoes. A simple explanation for this is you do not need to clean and condition them all the time.

Though your suede may catch filth and dust, that doesn't take much effort to get it cleaned. Just use suede brushover the surface, and that's done! Sure, they don't need any extra care and pampering contrary to the popular reputation they carry.

Myth #2 Suede is expensive

Price is a subjective factor. Shoes made of any material can range across different price brackets. So is the case with suede shoes. You can buy them for as low as a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. So, it won't have any extra burden on your pockets as you choose to buy suedes over your regular shoes.

Myth #3 Not apt for warm weather

Most people consider suede as a cold-weather material. They have a misconception that suedes can't deal with the changing temperature and weather. The fact is, there's no reason that you can't wear it during springor summer. It is a perfect match for the varying weather conditions and it will be as comfortable and snugly in tropical settings. So, feel free to wear it any time and take it anywhere without fearing the weather woes.

Myth #4 Suede is delicate

Well, this is a very common myth about suede. In fact, the shoes made of suede are much tougher and durable than many other commonly used materials. Ask anyone who wears a suede and you will find how sturdy and long-lasting these shoes are. These can be taken along in different conditions and can accompany you through rigorous turfs and rough outings.

There have been incidents where people got drenched in heavy downpours and faced hailstorms to get their suede completely soaked. They followed a simple domestic hack by pat-drying it with a towel and air-blowing it for a few days and they were as good as new!

This shows how easily you can get your suede in its real good shape even when it goes through such harsh times.

That's a wrap!

Suede shoes make a great fashion for feet and add variety to your footwear wardrobe. These shoes get you to a distinctive style quotient to sport in between the formal and casual arrays of shoes.

Stop buying into the popular myths about suedes and free your mind.Give it a try and spread the happy news about suedes!