Falling on heels? Here are 5 tips to help you out!

Whenever you think of wearing high heels, you must be picturing supermodels walking in runways. But walking in high heels is not as easy as it seems, and a lot harder to keep a perfect posture when you start to walk with high heels.

The main reason behind this is when you walk with high heels, your 90% of body weight gets focused on the balls of your heels instead of scattering throughout your feet, which results in misbalance.

Now, you must be wondering, how would you overcome this problem and walk in heels like a pro?

Don’t worry. We are here to the rescue!

Here are the top 5 tips that will help you out:

  1. Start with Lower Heel Height

Stay away from sky-high heels if you are wearing heels for the first time. There are different motions and postures for each inch of heels, which your body cannot adjust unless you know how to!

Shifting directly to 5 inches from an everyday flat can easily set up a hospital visit for you.

Hence, if you are just getting started, we suggest you small heels, preferably 2-inch (5cm) heels that you are comfortable with, and then, you can gradually increase the heel size.

Check out our comfort heels in the ergonomic 2-inch (5cm) height. 

Start with Lower Heel Height
  1. Take Small Steps, Walk Slow

Always go slow and take small steps while walking on heels. That will give you more control over your body and let you walk with a good body posture.

After all, you are wearing heels, not a sports shoe that you’ll have to run faster with long steps!

  1. Strengthen Your Core

Building core strength can assist you in walking better. A great stance begins with having a solid center. Maybe, that is the mystery behind showbiz performers and models walking for hours on end in sky-high shoes. 

Strengthen Your Core
  1. Purchase the Right Fit

A perfect fit shoe is the way to walk in heels perfectly. On the off chance that your shoe is too large, you'll end up sneaking out of your shoes, or in case your shoe is excessively small in size, you'll be in pain every time you walk. A fitted shoe will hold your foot into place without pressing the life out of them.

A solid match is the best tip for discovering soundness in your heels. So, if you see your heels turning somewhat tighter or looser, it may be an indication that your size has changed. That’ll be an indication that you need to reassess your fit.

  1. Build Confidence

Don’t get too nervous when you’re going out for the first-time wearing heels. Walking with heels do not need too much concentration. Just stay calm and relaxed and try to move with an imaginary beat.

Walking in such an imaginary beat will keep you relaxed and build the flow for you. You probably have noticed models on heels walk in a flow, which makes walking more comfortable. Just do the same and own it!

Build Confidence

Summing It Up!

Walking on heels is probably very tough, but practice makes things easier, and these tips will make your practice easy and learnings much smoother. 

If you face any difficulty with any of the tips, feel free to let us know.