Finding shoes that fit your toes

Shoes decide the fate of your feet. There are shoes that get you better health and there are those that get you issues. How do you find the right pair of shoes that bring you more love and no trouble? Be it loafers, boots, sneakers, flats, ballerinas, stilettoes, or anything custom, you have to stick to comfort while responding to style.

While shopping for designer shoes online is a popular option, you tend to rely on the stated size and not actually on how the given pair is going to fit on your feet. Go through the guidelines presented by our experts at Toufie to know how you can choose the right size for shoes that perfectly fit your toes. 

Measure Your Feet for the Perfect Shoe Fit

Go to the nearest shoe store, and get your feet measured at least 1-2 times per year. You should not rely on foot measurements that you took years ago.

The ligaments along with other soft tissues on your feet tend to stretch and relax as you age. This leads to changes in the size and shape of your feet. Studies reveal that a large portion of the global population is known to wear footwear that is incorrectly sized –leading to foot pain & other disorders. Therefore, it is imperative for you to measure the width, arch length, and length of the feet. 

Our experts at Toufie offer additional tips for comfy shoes as follows:

#Measure Your Feet Later in the Day

By the end of the day, you can develop swelling in your feet. Therefore, if you end up measuring your feet at a later point in the day, you can remain safe from buying shoes that are too tight.

#Measure While Standing

When you are measuring your feet, make sure that you are standing. As you stand, the feet tend to spread out more evenly. Moreover, you should also ask someone to take the measurement as you will be required to stand tall & looking straight with the weight centered on the foot area. 

#Measure the Arch Length

An integral part of the shoe fit is your arch length. It is usually measured from the heel to the foot’s ball (the bending point of the big toe). The big toe’s bend should match with the location where the shoe is bending. You can rise up on the toes while wearing both shoes for travel or shoes for work. If the shoe is bending after or before the bend of the big toe, then the given pair is not a good fit for your feet.

#Do Not Pay Attention to the Shoe Size

You should not try to get too concerned about the size number as displayed on the shoes. There can be a major difference in shoe sizes with different brands out there. The ultimate size of the shoes depends on the “last” factor –a form around which the shoe is molded. 

Over to you

In case, you have feet problems or need assistance with finding the right shoes for your feet, we can help!