Finding your right fit for an exchange

How to find my fit for an exchange?

Now that you have already received your shoes, you realized that it is not the right fit. Fret not, with our 3 easy steps, you will be able to find your right fit for an exchange at the comfort of your own home. 

Step 1: The Position.

Wear your shoes and sit upright.


Step 2: The Finger-Test.

Ensure that you are wearing the shoes normally (don't push your feet all the way to the front nor too the back).

Using your index finger, gently slide it at the back counter of one of your shoes (preferably in the one with your bigger foot).  

Step 3: The Evaluation.

Do not force your feet forward nor your index finger in.

If you are only able to insert your finger halfway through the top, then you should take half-size smaller.

If you are able to slide your finger all the way in to the insole, then you should take one-size smaller.

Note: Ensure that your feet don't move as you conduct this test.

Should you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact us at Would love to be of help!


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