Handy hacks to make high heels more comfortable


Handy hacks to make high heels more comfortable

Every woman has at least one pair of “sitting shoes”

A fact all of us could definitely relate to, isn’t it?

Sitting shoes – our ever-so-cute & uber stylish shoes bought specially for non-walking or non-standing activities. They play a singular role in our lives - to make us look great for the ‘gram.

They are a treat for the eyes, but sadly, pure torture for the feet!

And since we’ve just spent a decent chunk of change on them, we are just not ready to give them up.

If you’re ready to transform those “sitting shoes” into actual, functional shoes, read on to discover how our handy hacks can make your high heels more comfortable.

  1. Use padded inserts

Use padded inserts

This is one of the most feasible hacks to make your heels comfortable. Depending on the shape, size and condition of your feet, choose the right inserts that give you the right cushioning and support.

From ball of foot cushions to forefoot and arch support to heel pads, these handy essentials will make all the ouchey areas, virtually pain-free! Not only do these shoe accessories give you lasting relief from pain and discomfort, they too, offer us solutions to our other shoe woes. For example, if your shoes are loose on one foot but not on the other, the heel grip is the solution you seek to fill in the void spaces at the heel.

Padded inserts can be a great way to keep you pain-free by offering the right ball-to-foot cushion and arch support. So, your feet stay restful inside while you look good outside.

  1. Find your space in the shoes

This could probably be the first thing to do with your high heels to ensure comfort. You need to be in a comfort agreement with the newly molded footwear, getting your feet to adjust into the shoes.

Find your space in the shoes

This is going to take some time to reveal where you need adjustments and to condition with the shape of your feet. This exercise gets easy as you choose to go with materials like natural suedes, fabrics, and soft leathers.

Find your space in the shoes

Breaking in your shoes, you will find the pain-causing areas and know where you can apply fixes to make them easy to wear. In many cases, padded socks can do the trick. If not that, shoe stretching sprays can get it working for you.

  1. Tape your toes

Tape your toes

Well, this might sound a bit weird at first but taping your toes together works! By taping your 'ring and middle' toes, you should be able to climb mountains or even run a marathon in your heels. Well, maybe we are exaggerating a little but you get our drift.

But how does taping your toes actually work? Taping actually relieves the pressure off the nerves that are overstretched as a result of your raised feet. So when the toes are taped together, they neutralize the pain that creeps up as you wear your heels for a prolonged period of time. Simple science, worthy results!

  1. Use Anti-blister sticks or deodorants

Use Anti-blister sticks or deodorants

Another — likely most bizarre — trick on how to make high heels comfortable, is deodorizing your feet. If you don’t use gel deodorant & want something more portable and accessible, anti-blister sticks work wonders too! Plus, they fit nicely in your purse 😉

The application of these solutions can produce a barrier between your skin and the shoe, thus reducing the possibility of abrasion and eventually painful blisters. They can also stop chaffing when applied underneath any uncomfortable straps or too tight shoe backs.

  1. Walk well in your high heels

Walk well in your high heels

Not exactly a high heel hack, buuut…. one of the best advice we can give you. Knowing how to walk in high heels properly & comfortably, however, isn’t as obvious as one might think! We’ve covered the whole rundown on how to walk in heels like a pro.

  1. Think shorter heel height

Think shorter heel height

Stick to a heel height of 3 inches MAXIMUM if you value your feet. Anything higher and you might have to do a walk of shame home. Take a look at some of our classy options!

  1. Choose shoes that offer better support

Choose shoes that offer better support

Contrary to popular belief, there are heels that are built specifically for comfort & walkability in mind.

Firstly, get the shoe size right. This ensures comfort wear, all day long.

Next, instead of stiletto pumps, look for shoes that come with chunkier heels. The block heels, for instance, provide better base support and hence, can help to take the pressure off the ball of your feet.


While footwear should be fashionable, it should also be comfortable.

Comfort and function should never be compromised for fashion. In fact, they should be the primary consideration when it comes to buying shoes. Your back, feet & legs will thank you for it in the short — and long — run!