Here’s why should you never throw away dust or shoe bags

When you buy premium shoes (super awesome!) or handbags from a boutique, you will notice that they come with a soft bag called dust, shoe of filter bags.

Many people do not know what to do with those bags and will either throw them away or chuck them aside! But never do that! Here’s why you should never throw away your dust or shoe bags:

  1. Use as a shoe case

These bags have been specifically designed for optimal storage of your items such as your shoes and bags. The best thing to store your newly bought fancy shoes is nothing else, but the complimentary dust or shoe bag that comes with it.

It's the best thing ever! In fact, shoe bags given by brands are usually the best way for you to keep your new items in mint condition. Especially for shoes or bags that are made from premium material like leather. They need extra care and love, and to store them nicely in the given shoe bag is ideal.

Use as a shoe case

  1. Store the old bags and shoes using the new bags

Apart from keeping you new shoes or bags in pristine condition, you can also use the dust bags to store your older items. Hand purses are generally for everyday wear. When you suddenly buy a new one on sale, you’d eventually want to keep the old one in such a way that its leather survives for a long time. Dust bags are made absolutely for that use. Keep the old ones in them, and you can keep it dust-free for a long time.

Store the old bags and shoes using the new bags

  1. Keep your shoes in a proper shape

Another problem that mainly happens with leather shoes or handbags is that they fail to retain their original shapes for a long time. While idle, they need something to prop them up and prevent the leather from folding or bending.

Hence, you can easily use those free dust sacks to stuff them with paper inside the handbag or shoe and retain the original shape.

  1. Use dust bags as a case for your essentials especially when traveling

Who says you cannot use those dust bags as a case for your other essential items?

There must be a couple of things lying in your room that you don't know where to put, but you also don't want to throw them away.

Here’s a better solution for you! Use the dust bags to store those products and keep it safe and dust-free. Apart from keeping your loose items organized, it is also highly recommended that you use a shoe or dust bag when you travel.

To learn more on why you should never pack your shoes without a shoe bag as well as tips in finding the perfect shoe bag for travel, check out this article.

Use dust bags as a case for your essentials especially when traveling

Bottom line

So, there you have it! The simple uses of the complimentary dust bags that you get with the purchase of your shoes or bags. It can certainly help you store your things to keep them dust-free and make them survive longer.

And yes, there are no limits on how you can use your bags. The moment you need to keep you items safe and dust-free, you know what to use! The possibilities are endless.

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