How to care for suede shoes

Suede shoes are long associated with premium fashion. These lust-worthy shoes are a favorite of designers and fashionistas worldwide, and have their slots reserved for top-of-the-line runway fashion. Generally, though, you may find people wearing it with different ensembles and these look good with anything classy, urban, or casual.

However, on the other side, there is a widespread perception among people that suede shoes are too delicate to wear and require a lot of care.

But, quite opposite to this belief, footwear made of suede stands out to be super-smooth to store, carry, and maintain.

And this is well established by the avid suede advocates who find suedes as the friendliest and most good-looking materials used for shoemaking. They have all the reasons and proof to bust the myths about suede shoes to get them free from such misperceptions.

Well, and they have some handy tips to help you take care of your suede shoes like a pro too!

  1. Get a suede brush
Get a suede brush

Like all shoes, suede shoes can catch dirt and grime as you take them out. To get rid of dust deposits and to stop the grime to build upon your suede shoes you should make use of a suede brush. This is a superb cleaning tool for suede clothing that helps with cleaning the suede surface without upsetting its nappy texture. The best kind is one made of gentle horsehair.

  1. Store your suede properly
Store your suede properly

Storing your shoes well is as important as any other shoe care practice. You need to keep your suede shoes safe in a dry and covered space to prevent any exposure to dust, moisture, or sunlight. You have to follow a regular upkeep routine just like you do for any other shoes. This goes far in preventing them from developing cracks, losing their shine, or turning pale. Also, try to keep your stowed shoes away from any type of inks or dyes as these can get irremovable stains on your shoes.

from any type of inks or dyes
  1. Wear your suede thoughtfully
Wear your suede thoughtfully

You should avoid keeping your suede shoes in direct contact with any accompanying outfit. Especially with straight dark-color denim. It may shed its contrasting color leaving a lasting stain as it comes in direct contact with the shoe’s surface over time. Likewise, any clothing that may strike an impact and make it come in contact with the other dominating color should be avoided.

To conclude

Suedes are absolutely lenient shoes. They need no extra care and attention. You just have to be watchful about the factors mentioned above and act careful with how you treat them. Just follow this as part of your shoe-care routine and you will have the happiest suedes around!