How to find my size when buying shoes online?

A shoe with a right fit is not just a great feet companion but is also a great confidence booster. As it is the point of surge from where you collect your physical poise and posture. Therefore, how it measures and how it fits is very important for your style, feel, and comfort.

To that, most people fail to factor in the fact that every foot is different in its shape and size. Scientists have categorized human foot in five types of shapes but nature is much beyond what science can explain and this reflects in the anatomy of your feet.

This is the reason most people go by wrong choices and wrong fits that they regret later on.

Measure Step By Step

So, when you shop for footwear, those few prior minutes of checking with the size are always important. And it is always recommended to do a product-level check for measurements and fit every time you buy your shoes.

This is important, as you cannot rely on the size of your previous shoes as every brand and style measures differently. Another big reason to do this is when you go for online shoe shopping you have no physical access to the shoes and no trials can be done, except for an exchange.

So, the best way to assure yourself of the right fit is by measuring your size following a manual measurement.

Measure Feet

Here’s how you can do this all by yourself at home: 

*Get a plain sheet of paper and a pencil

  1. Place your heel firmly against a wall on the piece of paper. Do not stretch or bend.
  2. Mark the point where the front of your foot ends.
  3. Measure it with a standard ruler.
  4. Repeat this for the other foot.
  5. Consider the longest measurement as your reference size.

Additional tip: Do the measurement in the evening time when your feet are fully expanded.

As you are done with taking the dimensions equate it with the size chart referring to your gauging unit. This gets you a reference point to select your shoes to the closest choice of fit you are looking for.

Size Chart (LATEST)

Now, while you do this, look into these factors for better results:

Broad Feet:

If you have broad feet you should always look for more room. Go for the next point on the scale and get that extra space you need to assure more comfort for your feet.

Arch Height:

The height of your arch affects the movement of your feet. If your arch is more heightened the innersole and shape of your footwear should be adequately supporting it at the base. So, consider that surplus padding in your shoes and go for a notch higher size.

Pronation and Supination:

These are side-to-side motions that foot produces naturally to absorb the shock in the movement rolling slightly inward or downward. If you observe more of such motions with your feet, better go for a snug fit that gets it in more control of the movement.

Relax or Active:

Well, if you want your shoes to get you more comfort and ease, your size should be bigger than the measured one. However, if you are generally active and on-the-move while wearing those shoes, you should always look for a closer fit.

These are the assured ways to get you the right fit for your feet while buying shoes online.

What if it’s still not perfect after assessing my fit at home?

Once you’ve received your shoes, it is always good to do a test walk at home. Wear them on a clean surface (preferably carpeted floor) and walk around for a few minutes. Test the fit and comfort. If it feels too snug after a few minutes, it is best to contact us and seek advice or request for an exchange to a larger size via the Return Request. Avoid immediately wearing them out before testing the fit, so that you can do an exchange should you need to.

What if I need to physically try them?

If you still prefer to try the shoes before buying them, you can always fix a complimentary fitting appointment with us. We are centrally located to serve you with all the help you need related to finding the right size footwear that best serves your feet!