Getting different sizes for different shoe styles

Get a half-size smaller for higher heels.

Different styles, designs and even heel heights, would usually require you to have a different size. 

For instance, when buying a higher heel height, like our 8 cm heels, you would need to get a half-size smaller. That is because, given the height of the shoes, slippage of the feet (i.e. your feet sliding forward) may occur. As such, it is good to get a half-size smaller so that the shoes will fit nicely (i.e. won't slip-off at the back counter).   

Aruba 80 Black

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So if you are buying flats or lower heels like 2.5cm, chances are, you can wear the same shoe size as your feet are not steeply inclined.

Measure your feet regularly.

Apart from the difference in size for different shoe styles, it is also important to look at the brand's size chart.  

Different brands use different shoe lasts (the mold to make the shoes), so it is important to measure your feet and compare it to the size chart of the brand you are buying.

To get the right length of your feet, you can do a DIY measurement, at the comfort of your own home. Be sure to be seated when you are taking your measure. You can use our step-by-step video guide here. Then, compare your measurement to our size chart below.

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