How to never get blisters again- top 2 proven blister hacks!


To most of us blister may sound manageable, but this tiny bubble of fluid/serum on the skin’s surface can easily irritate and trouble you. The reasons may stem from intense activity, friction, new shoes, burning, or damp socks.

However, the formation of a blister is most commonly linked to the intense contact between the foot skin and the shoe.

For instance, wearing tight pumps or heels for the entire day can easily sprout one or more blisters on your toes or heels. On the other hand, if you have never worn any heels or sandals in your life, you might still be aware of blisters' pain. You can't work out and even a little walk appears terrible.

But situations become extremely worse when you don't know "how to deal with it?"

The problem of blisters is common and pervasive. But you can get rid of them and never get them again by looking at below two proven blister hacks.

Shipping Tape Hack

Using Shipping or Packing Tape

Tapes are great for the back of your feet.

Before you even get blisters, you should stick the tape on your skin. It is a great hack particularly to break in your new shoes. But make sure you get the right tape, avoid cellophane tape as the adhesive is not very strong. Shipping or packing tape has great holding power and it stays put for longer period. Try it and you will love it.

Shipping or Packing Tape

Lubricating with Petroleum Jelly

Before blisters turn the worst nightmare, try petroleum jelly, because it's a quick and cheap lubricant widely accepted by runners and hikers.

Petroleum jelly is also enriched with powerful healing property that makes it useful for the feet. It is smooth and keeps areas of the body protected from scratching.

This is a favorite among distance runners because of its ability to dodge blisters. If you are outside and feeling irritated, apply petroleum jelly every four hours to minimize the friction between skin and the footgear you wear.    

It may sound awkward because, in the first instance, your reactions may be like "eww!" However, it's very effective. 

Now you've got it. If you're going out on a meeting or a walk for a long time at a stretch, take note of these hacks right now! These are brilliant ideas as they help in avoiding the dreaded blisters. These are inexpensive and easy to try, no matter how which shoes you wear and what in the shape of your feet.

But early precautions are always advisable and it begins with choosing the right shoes. Therefore, while buying shoes, it's always recommended to pick the perfect size in which you feel easy and comfortable and there’s enough room to walk freely. Besides, of course, if you see signs of blisters get yourself ready with these two things, "tape" and "petroleum jelly".