How to stretch your suede shoes

How to stretch your suede shoes?

There’s nothing more luxe than soft suede. Although it is known for being comfy, it can be a little snug on first wear. The good news is that suede is more stretchable than any other leathers. So give these simple tricks a try & you’ll be walking in comfort in no time! The best part is, these are also hacks to help you break in your shoes for an all-day comfort!

Tip #1: Thick socks

No matter how well your shoes are crafted, it is always important to break in them before you wear them out. You can do so by by wearing thick socks with it & parading around the house to relax the material. Do it for at least 10 minutes or so (longer if you want the materials to be really relaxed.)

Tip #2: Thick socks & hair dryer

Suede shoes stretch naturally, but for an express solution - use a hair dryer!

1. Cover your feet with one/two pairs of thick socks. 

2. Put on your shoes and blast the hair dryer on the tight sections of your shoes for a few seconds. 

3. Continue to wear the shoes until the heat is gone. 
4. Simply repeat if you feel that it is not stretched enough, but careful not to overstretch them!

Note: Aim the nozzle on different spots to avoid overheating on any particular area. Wiggle your toes & flex your feet to aid the process.This method will stretch your suede shoes to a good half-size. 

Try these hacks out and you'll feet will thank you!

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