How to use straight cleaners?

Straight cleaners are made with the optimal blend of water, alcohol, and other non-alkaline ingredients specially designed to deeply penetrate leather’s pores and remove harmful contaminants. All of our Leather Milk products are made in USA.

These cleaners penetrate through the leather pores and remove all the harmful and unwanted impurities and give more impressive results and the safest cleansing experience than the old school cleaners ever did. Even better, this recipe has been brewed to perfection with all-natural ingredients and an optimal pH-balanced recipe, made with cosmetic grade ingredients safe for human skin and environmentally friendly.

How To Use?

After cleaning your leather, you should never stop there. The leather oils need to be replaced. Simply use a leather conditioner once you have completed the cleaning part.

What can the Straight Cleaner do?

The Straight Cleaner is the perfect choice for safely removing all your leather’s stains, grease spots, paint, mold, spills, dirt, and mud. It is also fantastic for breaking in new leather. Click here to find out other hacks to help you break in your new leather.

What can the Straight Cleaner do?

What the Straight Cleaner does not do?

The Straight Cleaner is not designed to be used on its own. Leather cleaners, by nature, extract out oils and nutrients that are vital to leather’s health. If Straight Cleaner is used on its own and no other steps are taken to restore the natural oils it removes from your leather, the leather may dry out. But fret not! These oils are designed to be replaced. After you have cleaned your leather, follow up with Leather Care Liniment No.1 (Conditioner).

Leather Care Liniment No.1

If stains have set for too long in leather, even Straight Cleaner may not be able to remove them entirely. For example, ink is capable of absorbing into leather’s fibers in ways that can be impossible to remove using conventional standards. In these situations, it is best to consult a leather professional.

Do take note that our leather care products are not designed for nubuck, suede, or any other suede-like leather.

How should I use the cleaner? What results should I expect?

Step1: Shake the bottle well before applying. Shaking the solution will mix it up perfectly and ensure better results.

Step 2: Apply a small amount on your Leather Care Cloth and in a circular motion, gently wipe the cloth on your leather (try on a discreet spot first). Take care and do not apply too much cleaner, as there is only so much that the leather can absorb at a time. Excessive use can dry out the leather and colours may fade.

Leather Care Cloth

Step 3: Next, let it air dry. Try to avoid direct sunlight or air blowers and let it dry naturally. Cleansers often remove the vital oils and nutrients along with the impurities. Using leather conditioners are thus always recommended to use after cleaners to recover the moisture of the leather.

Leather ConditionersHow often should I use the Straight Cleaners?

Straight cleaners should be used when the leather is dirty. Otherwise, using 3-5 times a year at regular intervals is always recommended depending on the usage and the climatic conditions, it is used.

If you find your leather looking or feeling dry and rough, it means you are overusing the cleaners and it needs more conditioning.

Dry Rough Leather

Are straight cleaners good for my leather?

Straight cleaners are worth using on natural leather products, but it can have several issues with different generic leather products, which mainly possess loose lingering colours. Because of alcohol's more articulated impacts, incomplete or intensely coloured leather might be more brutally influenced by alcohol than finished products. In the worst scenario, alcohol may pull up colour alongside the dirt, leaving its colour faded. Hence, it becomes important to test the solution in a small part in the beginning.


Straight cleaners can always be your first option when you have got some stains and dirt on your leather.

This cleaner can easily be used to restore old leather and remove stains too. But still, some stains require professional help. Hence consulting professional leather care experts for cleaning and conditioning is always the best option if you can’t get rid of the stain or dirt.