How to use water protectant?

Water protectants are made by a mixed syrup of different natural oils and waxes. These oils deeply penetrate through the leather pores and provide deep conditioning. Water protectants are always recommended for leathers, which are used mainly in brutal climatic conditions as these oils provide adequate nourishment to keep the leather healthy.

Water protectants are made with all natural-conditioners with a balanced pH level and a fir tree's mind-refreshing smell. Safe for you and your leather.

How should I use Water Protectants correctly?

When applied, Water Protectant causes water to bead on the surface of your leather, rolling off rather than getting absorbed in the leather fibers. It helps to ward off rain, snow, mud, and other elements, ensuring optimal protection.

So, here is how you can apply your Water Protectant correctly…

Water to bead on the surface

Step1: Shake the bottle well before applying. Shaking the solution will mix it up perfectly and ensure better results.

Step 2: Before you start, make sure that your leather has been prepped correctly. To prep your leather, make sure that it has been cleaned, preferably with the Straight Cleaner. Click here to learn more about how you can clean your leather.

Once you have cleaned your leather, the next step is to condition it.

Once the leather is dry, apply a small amount of the Water Protectant on your Leather Care Cloth and in a circular motion, gently wipe the cloth on your leather (try on a discreet spot first). Take care and do not apply too much Water Protectant as there is only so much that the leather can absorb at a time. Excessive usage may remove the natural gloss of your leather – so take note!

Step 3: After the above steps are done, and the leather is perfectly protected, let it dry naturally. Try to avoid hair dryers or direct sunlight. Best tip? Let it dry overnight.

When should I use Water Protectants?

Typically, just follow the 3-easy steps. Clean, Condition and Protect. They are great as the last barrier to help recover and maintain those crucial oils and minerals to help keep your leather healthy.

When should I use Water Protectants?

Are Water Protectants suitable for my leather?

Water protectants are designed for almost any type of finished leather. Some generic and soft leather products are still not capable of carrying the heavy consistency of water protectants. Hence testing a small amount of the solution in small parts is always recommended, as discussed above.

Otherwise, it can be used safely on most types of leathers. Water protectants contain heavy concentrations of oils and waxes. Hence, your leather can be darkened up in certain places. But it is temporary, so there is nothing to worry.

Leather can be darkened up in certain places


Water Protectants should always be your first choice. If you plan a trek or somewhere it can be exposed to the brutal climate, it can be a game-changer to safeguard its natural gloss and health.

If you want that extra professional finish, you can always consult a professional to help with your leather products. 

Happy protecting!