How to Wear Shoes That are Too Big: 8 Life Saving Hacks?

Are your shoes too big to fit your feet? Everyone has struggled with this problem at least once in their life. Whether you buy that amazing pair of beauty online or embrace it as a gift, nothing is more disappointing than being unable to slip on the shoes that are way too big.

A Sigh of Relief

If there is no option left, than to wear oversized shoes, we are here with the easy life-saving hacks that can make your shoes fit better.

Wearing Oversized Shoes – Not Advisable

  • Discomfort makes you lose Confidence – Shoes that do not support the body make you walk in an unusual and dysfunctional way. It takes off the confidence from your personality.
  • Invitation to Blisters and Calluses – Either big or small, ill-fitted shoes cause impairing of platform giving rise to foot-related issues.
  • Pain gives no Gain – Foot pain, arch pain, and soreness in the joint and tendons are the spill-over effects of wearing those big shoes.

How to Wear Big shoes?

One may get into the situation of wearing big shoes due to numerous factors. It could be buying the wrong size or borrowing an ill-fitted shoe from a friend due to its appealing beauty. Or it could be loosening up of shoes after prolonged use. By using some easy-peasy tricks, you can wear the big shoes all sewn up.

Easy Hacks to Make you Walk Trouble-Free  

  1. Use ball of Foot Cushions– An essential accessory to use for slightly big shoes is certainly ball of foot c The ball of foot cushions raise the front part of the shoe and make it easier to wrap in your foot. It helps to prop the foot a little higher and add extra padding under the feet.

Context Clues:

  • Ball of foot cushions come in a variety of materials, designs, and colors.
  • Perfect for the shoes where adding full-insole makes it uncomfortable.

Best Suited: Ball of foot cushions make for an ideal solution for ill-fitted flats and high-heels.

  1. Full-size Insoles– Full-size Insole is absolutely a better option for an all-around bigger shoe. It fills space evenly and gives extra support to your feet. Insoles come in various forms like Full-size Insoles, Half-fit Insoles or, Insoles designed for the Toe-box Area. Materials used are gel, leather, polyurethane-based foam that are gentle to the feet.

Context Clues: 

  • Special features include Shock absorption and Odour elimination capabilities.
  • Good to resist discomfort and relieve posture issues.
  • In some cases, they are washable and reusable and do not damage the shoes.

Best Suited: Insoles or Shoe Inserts are best suited for dress shoes, heels, flats and even open-toed shoes. Toufie’s Bella Insoles are the best to opt for this hack.

  1. Stuff Your Shoes– The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way of shrinking the size of shoes is by filling the toe section with stuffing. Fill the extra space of shoes either with the material available at home or ideally with Toe-fillers available in the market.


Toe Fillers are a good alternative for people who want a comfy fill-up of the toe section without the yucky mess that tissue paper creates.

Context Clues:  

  • Avoid discomfort caused by forward pressure with Toufie’s toe fillers.

Best Suited: This easy hack is best suitable for closed-toe shoes.

  1. Secure With Heel Strips- Heel strips are the adhesive pads placed at the backside of the heel. T-shaped Heel grips and cushions are excellent to choose, because of their anti-slip and anti-blister properties.

T-shaped Heel Grip and Cushion

Context Clues:

  • Comfortable and Prevent Blisters.
  • Check out Toufie’s popular T-shaped heel grip made with natural gel silicone for added comfort.

Best Suited: This method is popular to use with High-heels.

Some Not so Quick hacks for Long Lasting Results

  1. Dunk it, Shrink it – Wet the shoes with water and air dry them and get that shrunk size of the shoe. Soak Athletic or Casual shoes directly in the water.

Context Clues: 

  • Read the Handling Instructions on the shoe label before using water.

Best Suited: Best to use with Athletic Shoes.

  1. Meet The Cobbler– It is always the safest choice to see a professional if anything else does not work out. Shoe experts know better how to make the shoe the perfect fit for you. Though, expensive still Cobbler is a better option than discarding or damaging your favorite pair of shoes.

Key Point: Instead of chucking that beauty away, use these safe and easy-to-use hacks. With a wide array of methods ranging from traditional, quick, easy to, evolved, and contemporary, pick one that makes your feet smile.