How your shoes reflect your personality?

Shoes reflect your personality, thoughts, and state of mind. You can easily get an idea about a woman by looking at her shoe. Even studies have proven that 90% of people's moods and thoughts are illustrated in their choice of footwear. 

No doubts, women are very particular about their shoes since it expresses a lot about their personality and reflects their mood of the day. So, it is ok to be picky about what you wear. 😉

In light of that, we’ve taken the liberty to create a quick guide as to what your shoes might reflect on you as a person. We hope it helps you in picking the right kind of shoe that suits you best.

Ballet Flats:

Happiness is all that matters to you and, before you burst, your outgoing personality has you smiling. You are lovable and confident. Men find you attractive, and you wear anything you feel relaxed and comfortable in. The epitome of practical beauty.

Ballet Flats

Block Heels:

You are always in control and often seen in the spot of leadership. Others want to depend on you because when you take care of business, you make sure the job is done. You will never disappoint anyone. 

You can be pretty daunting to those who can't keep up with your speed because of your upbeat personality, confidence and drive. You cannot be bothered to be the object of publicity, yet you are always one that shines.

Block Heels


The decision of wearing platform shoes should come from you if you are quick on your feet, focused, and somehow always the person in control. When the burden is in your hands, people feel relaxed as they know you’re empathetic and caring and yet the most practical gal.



You have a corporate woman's spirit and take your work very seriously. Maintaining work-life balance is something you're good at. You are also someone who likes to have fun, although your life is very professional. You're incredibly hardworking when it comes to your career.



You're the laid-back gal who doesn't care so much about anything. Your boots make you feel calm and reasonable. You are the ambitious superheroine that goes for it without quitting when it comes to pursuing your dreams. You are smart and intelligent. You have a strong view in a debate, and you are not ashamed to stick up for it. 



You are athletic, optimistic, and disciplined. Nevertheless, the most common characteristic is that you are wrapped up in your busy life. Your schedule for the day is so jammed, and you're always on the run. After all, the best thing is that you are productive and can still take good care of it all. 



Whatever it is, take the description on this list with a pinch of salt as ultimately, it's your attitude and charisma that defines you.

So be comfortable in your skin and be your own kind of beautiful. Till next time!