Lambskin leather shoe care tips

Lambskin is simply exquisite. It is the most gorgeous leather-type available in the market. It has something special about it and can make the wearer feel as though they are covered in a second premium skin.

Lambskin leather, as opposed to cowhide, is very light weight, has a buttery texture, fined-grain, and a stretchable, draping quality that’s very form-fitting. The best quality about lambskin leather is the useful characteristic of remembering shapes that wear it, meaning that the more you wear your lambskin leather shoes, the more it will grow on you, literally. Lambskin remembers your distinctive slopes and curves, almost moulding to your feet as you give it mileage. For this reason, lambskin leather is the leather of choice in the making of quality apparel and products. Hence, it is used by many big labels to design their products.

But apart from being beautiful and making you feel awesome, lambskins are also very delicate and can easily get damaged when not properly taken care of.

But there’s nothing to worry about. With a few leather care tips, you can easily protect your Lambskin shoes and have them like new!

Can I waterproof my leather?

Lambskin is more porous than most leathers, and this means it’s going to need more protection. This can be a problem because the more protection you give lambskin, the more likely you are to interfere with its soft qualities. While there is no perfect solution to this dilemma, a compromise between protection and preservation of texture can be achieved. 

What to do before you wear your lambskin product?

Leather shoes have protection, but they are not waterproof. If leather were waterproofed, it could not breathe, which would greatly decrease its lifespan. Instead, a layer of finish gives leather’s pores minimal exposure to the elements. This means that while your shoes or leather products will not absorb rain and snow as quickly as other leathers, they can still be vulnerable to the elements if they are not given protection beforehand. Therefore, Chamberlain’s Water Protectant is an important preventive treatment. Water Protectant creates a natural barrier inside leather’s pores that repel moisture while preserving the leather’s natural breathing process.

It is important to test any leather protector you plan to use in a discreet area first, to observe its effects. Wait an hour for your test spot to dry, and if the effects are agreeable to you, plunge ahead without fear (but moderation please!) Apply your protectant gently, and only apply as much as what the leather would naturally absorb. This can minimize any changes that occur in your leather after you have protected it.

Cleaning your shoes gently

If you haven’t cleaned your lambskin in a while, it might be good to do that before applying the leather protectant.Chamberlain’s Straight Cleaner is ideal for this, but make sure that you test it first, like your leather protectant, before going all in, and remember to treat it gently. Clean your leather thoroughly, and afterwards, condition it before you protect it. So it will be in this order, Clean, Condition and Protect.

It’s always recommended to use a soft and anti-scratch cloth before applying any leather care products to your shoes. Not all cloths are great for leather care, so be sure to test the cloth before you use them for your leather care. The cloth is as important as the quality of the leather care products that you use. So, remember, ensure that the cloth is meant for leather care to ensure you get the best result from your leather care products. If you’re looking for cloths that are soft, anti-scratch and lint-free with the right level of absorbency, try the specialized Leather Care Cloth.

Storing your shoes in cool and dry places

Next to cleaning your shoes, comes storing your shoes. The lifespan of your shoes completely depends on how you store your shoes. Your lambskin leather shoes are not going to survive if you have cleaned your shoes perfectly but thrown it in the back of your closet and forget about it. Time and dust are enough to ruin its natural beauty.

Generally,it is recommended not to store shoes in polythene bags or in direct sunlight. Rather, store lambskin or leather shoes in a cool and dry place,never in hot and moist area. 


Be it a lambskin leather shoe or any other type of shoe, proper care is necessary for all of them. The main part of caring for shoes is checking on how they are stowed. Hence, storing them in a cool and dry place is always recommended.