Make your daily routine comfortable - get Toufie shoes!

Women choose shoes that would transform their outfit and lift their mood. More often than not, these decisions are typically made based on how the shoes look – trendy, sexy, pretty. Comfort is sadly not a top priority. This should not be the case though. Comfort should always come first, followed by style. Comfy Shoes is a necessity as they are the foundation of a comfortable, active, and sustainable lifestyle. However, most shoes are beautiful to look at but not so friendly on the feet. They are either ill-fitted, too high or too flat or just plain uncomfortable. Enters Toufie. With our specially engineered construction and formulated size range, Toufie is driven to provide every woman, shoes that are not only classy but fit perfectly. 

Benefits of good footwear

When you invest in footwear, make sure it is worthy. There are several benefits of owning good footwear, such as...

Prevention from back problems

It is very important to choose footwear which provides proper posture support. Poorly designed shoes that don’t fit properly can cause a number of short- and long-term health problems. One such problem is backaches. Prolonged use of improper footwear can cause back pains and worsen posture issues over time.

Better performance

Shoes are often a representation of a woman’s individuality and uniqueness. A great pair of shoes can have a positive impact and elevate her self-confidence. The reverse is true of an ill-fitted pair of shoes. Imagine spending the entire day in an ill-fitted pair of shoes that hurt. It will definitely ruin your day and mood. It will distract you from work since your attention and energy are spent managing the pain on your feet the whole day. As a working professional, that is something you wouldn't want.

As you search for the best shoes for work, consider those that are made from super soft leather. The heel height and the insoles are also important points to consider. In order to keep you comfortable all day, choose shoes that are well made, preferably handcrafted. Handcrafted shoes are usually more comfortable than machine-made shoes. So if you chance upon a comfy pair of handcrafted shoes, be sure to give it a try!

Lastly, be kind to your feet. Stop buying shoes that hurt! Choose right. With the best collection of shoes for travel, plus size shoes, and many more, you can be sure to find your perfect pair with Toufie