Simple foot stretches that you can do anywhere

You are aware of the discomfort that comes from low-arch pain or any intense pain in your feet. This pain can go for long, but it's up to you how you deal with it.  

However, it’ll be much better if you start taking the preventive measure in time to ensure the flexibility of your feet. Therefore, you must follow these simple foot stretches to recover muscle elasticity and perk up your body's flexibility. 

1. Towel Calf Stretch

This foot stretch keeps your feet flexible, stretches the calf muscles, and increases ankle dorsiflexion. You can easily try this exercise at home.

Towel Calf Stretch

How to do towel calf stretch?

  1. Sit comfortably on a hard surface (e.g., ground or floor) and keep your knees straight.
  2. Now take a towel and loop it around your feet.
  3. With the help of a towel, slowly pull your feet (try this exercise on both feet separately)
  4. You may feel a concerted stretch in your calf muscles, which is normal.
  5. Hold on for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise as much as you can.

2. Ankle Pump Up & Down

This stretching exercise is beneficial to improve the upward and downward movement of the foot. However, standardized care and routine are essential to reap the benefits of this exercise for the long-term. It strengthens up your muscles and is best for ankle dorsiflexion.

How to do Ankle Pump Up & Down?

  1. You can try this exercise anywhere, either in a sitting or a standing position. Just point your toes upward and maintain this position for 30 seconds. Rest, and then repeat.
  2. Take the second step. Point your feet downward and again keep repeating the same process - hold for 30 seconds and do it maximum time as much as you want.

3. Bent Knee Wall Stretch

Another one of the fantastic exercises you must try, bent knee wall stretch, has also been considered helpful in disuse muscle atrophy recovery. The exercise is useful because it stretches the calf evenly by stretching up the soleus muscles.

How to do Bent Knee Wall Stretch?

  1. Stand next to a wall.
  2. Keep one foot in front and another one behind.
  3. Try to push the wall and slightly bend both your front knee and back knee.
  4. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  5. Switch the foot and practice it again.

4. Straight Knee Wall Stretch

This exercise is a bit similar to ‘bent knee wall stretch exercise’ and is extremely helpful in stretching the soleus muscles. It would be best if you try this exercise early in the morning.

Straight Knee Wall Stretch

How to do Straight Knee Wall Stretch?

Repeat the entire process of bent knee wall stretch. You'll keep the front knee in the same bent position, but the other feet will come in a straight position with heels flat on the floor.

5. Ice Bottle Massage

This exercise is very effective when it comes to managing foot pain and swelling. It provides instant relief and literally cools down tension on your feet. However, if you already have some sensation or pain in your feet, then avoid this stretch.

Ice Bottle Massage

How to do Ice Bottle Massage?

  1. Take any water bottle or sports drink bottle containing chilled water. Place the bottle on the surface (e.g., on the floor)
  2. Roll your foot over the bottle as much as you love enjoying the exercise.
  3. Repeat the same process for another foot.

Daily stretching of feet will ensure flexible feet and prevent you from foot injuries. So, keep practicing.