Slippery shoes? Try the top 4 DIY tips to help you out!

When we go shopping for shoes, we check every aspect starting from colors and fit to the height of the heels and style.

But wait, do we ever check whether the soles are slip resistance or not?

Most probably no, and believe it or not, 90% of women commit that mistake while shopping for shoes.

The reason is clear. Why do you need to check the soles as you have never slipped or fallen?

Even many employees such as workmen and nurses are mandated to use slip-resistant shoes as they are often exposed to wet floors.

But are you waiting for such an accident to happen?

If not, this article is completely for you!

Here’s how to make your shoe non-slippery, let’s go!

Here are the top 4 DIY tips to make your shoes non-slippery instantly:

  1. Use sandpaper to scrape the soles

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your shoe non-slippery is scraping the smooth parts of your soles with sandpaper.

Even you don’t need to wait for your soles to completely wear down. Just take your shoes and rub the smooth parts of the sole with sandpaper, especially those parts that often come in contact with the ground.

It will make your sole rough, therefore non-slippery.

Use sandpaper to scrape the soles

  1. Use fabric plasters

If you are in a hurry and need to wear your shoe instantly, using a fabric plaster can be a great option. Just stick a couple of plasters on your heels and other anterior smooth parts.

The rough surface of the plaster will provide grip and will make your feet stay on the floor!

Use Fabric Plasters
  1. Use a hairspray

Using a hairspray can also be a great alternative if you’re in a hurry and need to go out instantly.

Just spray and allow the hairspray to set in your heels for a couple of minutes before you get out.

Note: Hair sprays will make your shoes non-slippery temporarily, but still it serves as a great quick hack to make your shoes slip resistance when you don't have any other options near you.

  1. Attach a non-slippery sole

Apart from all the above tips, the best and permanent way to make your shoe non-slippery is attaching a non-slippery sole.

This will not only make your shoe slip-resistant but also protects your shoe-sole to wear out or get damaged.

Attach a non-slippery sole

  1. Bonus!

If you are looking for the safest way to avoid the embarrassing slip-and-fall situation, we would recommend you to get shoes with an anti-slip outsole, such as those by Toufie. All of Toufie shoes are made with a natural rubber outsole, tested to provide great traction, and proven to ensure that you won’t slip. So you won’t have to worry bout finding a quick hack to make your shoe less slippery.


Wrapping Up!

Wear the correct pair of slip-safe shoes and you will have significant serenity once you are grinding away since you realize that you are less inclined to acquiring wounds because of accidental slips and falls.

On the off chance that your shoe isn't that slip-safe, at that point you can generally allude to the DIY tips in this article.

If you have any other great tips to make your shoe less slippery, do let us know.