Style tips for block heels in 2020

Block heels have not been there since ever. This style emerged into the fashion scenes with the need for more practical and socially relevant styling for heeled shoes.

The idea came visibly across the lifestyle trends in the 1990s to make heels popular with women of all ages, weights, and régimes. It was meant to convert the all-of-fashion super-high stilettos into a more acceptable and stable way of doing heels.

Now, as we have lived with the block heel styling for about three decades, a lot has changed since then, responding to different lifestyle trends and needs over time. If we talk about the latest times, block heels are styled with new vouge and flair, referring to the evolved choices of clothing ensembles with today’s fashion sense.

So, here are some selective clothing and styling tips to keep you ahead of the block heel fashion in 2020:

Huggy Comfort Heels Pecan + Brocade Blazer

Styling brown pecan heels TOUFIE

Impress your man on a date with sleek blocks! Pick a matching brocade or printed blouse attire with the Huggy Comfort Heels in Pecan tone. Match it with a classy crossbody bag and accessorize with an oversized drop clip earrings. This is going to offer you the classy Hollywood era look and give you a break from the tropical clutter. This is also great for a graceful and comfortable romantic outing! 

Huggy Comfort Heels Natural + Satin Blouse

Styling nude off-white heels TOUFIE

Accentuate your feminine yet bold nature. Go with this Huggy Comfort Heels Natural with anti-fatigue plush insoles and anti-slip rubber outsoles. Wear it with a high-waist fitted silhouette skirt that has flared hem floral prints. You can pair it with an elegant gold bangle too. To get the best results, pick a chained miniature clutch of the same cool shade as your heels.  

Bow Midnight + Casual Overalls

Styling blue midnight heels TOUFIE

If you are on a look for some easy rare n’ refined street fashion, you have this lovely Bow Midnight heels with heightened block doing the trick for you. The heels go well with black overalls and a plain white T-shirt going underneath. This look can be well complemented with a contrasting structured leather chain mini bag with black shades. A great way to catch the streets in style!

Huggy Comfort Heels Poppy + Loose-Fit Sweater

Styling red poppy heels TOUFIE

Something to get you going with the casual yet classy look. Pair up the sprightly Poppy heels with a V-neck baggy knitted sweater and ripped knee cuffed jeans (poach them from your boyfriend or hubby’s wardrobe). Jazz it up a little with the all-time favourite diamond studs and a tanned leather black bucket bag with a red inner, perfect match with your Poppy heels! You'll instantly get that carefree get-going style that makes you look much different than anything effeminate and girly. For a much-needed change!

Bow Burgundy + Classy White Skirt

Styling red burgundy heels Toufie

Pure high-fashion elegance! Dress up your Bow Burgundy shoes with the knot front blouse and a white textured pencil skirt. To make it more appealing, top it off with a medium envelope chain bag and ivory woven pearl headband. And you will be all prim and elegant with your block heel fashion! Don't be fooled by the sweet headband, cause in this outfit, you mean nothing but business!


These are some of the most interesting and appealing ways to get fashionable with your block heels in 2020. You can always tweak these styles and try them in different modes to best serve your idea of doing block heels!

To ensure that the style you choose fit your unique feet, learn more on how you can find shoes to fit your toes.