The perfection of imperfection

Quality Leather.

No two leather is ever the same.

“The leather print on my shoes seem flawed cause both sides of the shoes don’t look alike. I think they are defective shoes...”

“The surface on my shoes is not smooth...”

"Eh, why is the print not consistent?"

Heard these remarks before?

We too, were guilty of passing such judgement on genuine leather shoes before we realized the rule of leather - The Perfection of Imperfection. 

All our research work, conversations with experts in the (leather business) and visits to the leather factory brought us to the same conclusion.

Occasionally, there will be imperfections on the leather, especially high-grade leather. Leather is skin. Imperfections are common. In fact, all types of leather will have its own distinct marks on the surface. These imperfections are what make the leather unique and perfect. They are like beauty marks from the animal. 😊 So, be proud of your leather shoes, they are uniquely yours and beautiful. 

What is then considered as a defective pair of shoes?

Now, since high-grade genuine leather is never alike or perfect, what will then be considered as a defective pair of shoes?

  • Material defects on the shoes such as tears and scratches.
  • Stains like oil, pen/ pencil marks, watermarks, dirt and the like.
  • Loose stitching and seaming defects

Those are just some of the signs to indicate that your shoes are possibly defective. 

At Toufie, quality checks are important. Every box will be meticulously inspected to ensure no defective shoes ever leave our warehouse. However, human error is unavoidable. Should the above defects be seen on your shoes, worry not. Just follow our 3 simple return steps and notify us at once you have sent the shoes.

Your happiness is our priority, and we will keep a lookout for your returned shoes.


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