Tips to walk in high heels like a pro

High heels look flamboyant and attractive. All of us desire to walk like a diva wearing high heel fashion. At a glance, it may look very smooth and casual to walk in it as you may have seen most of the supermodels cat-walking ramp wearing heels.

However, as easy as it seems, the reality is often different. Since you place all your body weight on the balls of your feet, you might fall if you don’t know how to balance your body properly.

Sounds complex and impossible. Yeah? 

Well, if you learn the ways to wear high heels properly, you can master it too. And it’s not that hard if you follow a few tips by experts:

Take the Right Step

Take the Right Step

Taking the right step is as important as choosing the right pair of shoes. 

When you are just starting, make sure you don't jump to take big steps. Instead, take small steps that give you more control over your movement.

Take your time to improve yourself. Once you master your move, you will be able to take a big leap and step up with confidence. 

Start Small

Start Small

If you are just starting, you should start with lower heels. Yes, it’s very tempting to start right away with super high heels and act like a pro in a day, but that doesn’t come easy, at all.

You can always buy high heels but don’t wear them until you have gotten used to shorter heels.

Try adjusting your body properly, see how you can manage. Try walking straight, and practice regularly and you will steadily get used to them.

Manage Your Core 

Manage Your Core

As silly as it sounds, wearing heels is a lot like doing exercise for your abs.

To be able to wear high heels properly, you may need to activate your core.

Here’s how to do that:

  • Don’t look down
  • Walk straight
  • Keep your head up, chin parallel to the floor
  • Push the shoulders back
  • Keep hands straight

Once you can balance properly, keep practising the same steps again and again.

Be Confident 

Be Confident

You need to have a lot of confidence to get the best out of wearing and walking in heels.

Don’t overthink, procrastinate, or be frustrated. Walking in heels isn’t rocket science, you just need to be confident enough and practice regularly to master it. 

Firstly, relax. Think about the things that grant you peace and focus.

Secondly, be easy. Relax your body, free yourself and start walking in your natural flow.

Size Matters

Size Matters

If you are still having trouble walking, you likely need to change your shoe size. Your feet size doesn’t remain the same throughout. With a change in your weight, your feet might grow or shrink in size as well.

If your shoes are too small, you will be in pain. If your shoes are too big, you will have a problem managing the flow. 

Hence, it is necessary to use properly fitted shoes to make sure you learn to walk on heels without hurting yourself. Proper-fitted shoes will hold your feet, and you will be able to walk as easily as you do with flats.


Walking like a supermodel is no distant dream. Anyone can master walking in heels with the right effort, proper practice, and self-confidence. Do this with patience and heels will be your props! 

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