Top 5 creative ways to use your shoe box

Do you love easy and cheap DIY ideas? Yeah, us too! If you love crafting your creative ideas into reality that can be used anywhere around your home, this article is definitely for you.

Most people will just throw away all those old cardboard shoe boxes once they empty their content. Yeah, the same ones we all thought that we had no use for. Turns out, shoe boxes can be transformed into some of the best DIY ideas ever. From organizing jewellery to ribbon, twine and yarn to making wall art and even charging stations! The shoe box can be quickly transformed into a staple in any true DIYer’s collection.

So, in this article, we’ve created a list for the top 5 creative ways you can upcycle your shoe boxes.  By the way, these ideas are not only cost-efficient and easy to make, but you’re doing good for the environment by upcycling them too! What a bonus!

So, ready to explore these creative ideas?

Here we go to the top 5 DIY ideas for upcycling shoe boxes!

     1. Drawer Dividers

If you are like most people and love the sight of an organized drawer, then this is for you! Here’s an easy fix to a messy drawer. To avoid mixing your socks from your underpants or lingerie, all you’re going to need are a couple of shoe boxes and scissors to create your very own drawer divider! Simply cut shoe boxes in half, along the length or width, and fill the resulting compartments with folded briefs, socks, or stacked bras. You’ll love the result, cause we do! 

Drawer Dividers

     2. Wall Art

You can make some pretty impressive art for your wall, if you use these blank canvases with your paintbrush and maybe, some decorative paper.

You can even paste a photo in it and turn it into a photo frame.

Wall Art

     3. Organizer

If we have a box lying around us, the first thing we all would do is to put a few important things in it so that we don't lose them.

So, what better way to organize things like toys and craft supplies, than to make an inexpensive box organizer. It is so simple, trust us! All you are going to need are a couple of old shoe boxes and a label maker or markers.

Of course, you cannot store anything too heavy in these, but if you want to keep a few things organized, this would be perfect! 


     4. Mini Charging Station

No matter who you are, you need a charger to charge your favourite device at least twice a day but if you have multiple devices at your home, this can be a bit messy.

So, why not make a custom mini charging station with the shoebox? With our ever-growing dependence on these things, keeping them in order by making this mini station will be a day saver for sure. Bye-bye messy cables!

Mini Charging Station

     5. Stationery Holder

Upgrade your shoe box to be your very own stationery holder. Say goodbye to messy study table or workstation. This idea is great for your little ones, educators or even those who use stationeries. It is super simple to make. All you need are some shoe boxes, tape, and toilet rolls. Tape the toilet rolls on the shoe boxes and there you have it! Your very own stationery holder. You can wrap or paint you shoe box to match your table décor too. Just have fun!

Stationery Holder

Wrapping Up!

We are definitely not limiting you to these 5 ideas only. There are countless ideas all over the internet that you never thought existed, and you are free to try them all (if you have enough boxes that is).

So, since you have all these fun inspirations, why not enjoy some indoor crafting session with your loved ones over the weekend? 😊

Let us know if you have more fun ideas on how you can upcycle your shoe boxes!