What are the health benefits of wearing comfortable footwear?

It is reported that we will walk a distance of around 200,000 km in our lifetime. That is equivalent to about 7000 steps a day! This only shows how important it is to be wearing proper, comfy shoes. Unfortunately, many women put little emphasis on their footwear. We purchase shoes based on what looks good, trendy or sexy, often at the expense of comfort. This is the cause of many feet problems like bunions, collapsed arches, joint pains and many more.

Our feet are the foundation for the rest of our body. Choosing the right or wrong shoe can be the difference between that pain in your back or that spring in your step.

Prevention from foot pain

One of the primary culprits for feet pain and discomfort, especially in the forefoot (the front area of the foot), are shoes with a reduced toe box volume. Such shoes will constrict the toes and prevent them from having enough room to move freely.

Another possible cause of feet pain is size. Only 14% of women wear shoes that are of the right size. There are several reasons for this:

  1. We can’t remember the last time we have them measured. Our feet change over time but the size we choose remained unchanged.
  2. Our shoes don’t match our daily activity
  3. We can’t find shoes in our size! A true and unfortunate case for most of us who are blessed with plus-size (long, wide) feet.

Well, the good news is, Toufie has that problem sorted. We believe that inclusivity in footwear should be the norm, not an exception.  Here are some of the reasons why Toufie is the to-go-to shoe brand for you.

Fit inclusivity

Our shoes are specially engineered and handcrafted, so every shoe is designed with the unique almond-toe front. It is neither too pointy nor too rounded, thus being optimal for the toe shape, preventing the formation of bunions or possible squashed toes, common of pointy-toe fronts.

Size inclusivity

We know that so many women out there have issues with finding the right size. Most shoes in stores either don't carry their size or they are poorly constructed. That is why Toufie wants to help women with that common problem. Our shoe sizes are inclusive and they run from EU34 all the way to EU44, thus allowing women of both ends of the spectrum to find their perfect fit. And if there are any common asymmetrical feet size issue (we all face that!), Toufie offers T-shaped heel grip to help solve that problem. 

Softest lambskin leather

Painful bunions? Shoes that keep on aggravating the bunion pain? Not to worry. Choose shoes that are made of ultra-soft and gentle material. Some women have resorted to fate in the fact that shoes are meant to hurt. We beg to differ!

For instance, at Toufie, our shoes are made of possibly the softest lambskin leather. They are so gentle that it will naturally mould to the feet's curvatures with each wear. And the more your wear them, the comfier it gets!

Basically, our feet play a critical role in supporting our body weight, sustaining the impact of standing, walking, running, and everything else we do throughout the day. So, a good pair of shoes will lead to posture improvement, higher quality of life and many other health benefits. After all, Healthy feet equal to a Happy body. So remember, the RIGHT shoes are always worth the investment!

So there you have it, if you are indeed hunting for shoes for bunions, shoes for work, shoes for travel or even shoes for wedding, you can be sure to find that happy ending (for your feet) at Toufie.