What are Unlined Shoes?

What are Unlined Shoes

Research says that our clothes reveal our personality, and shoes, being a crucial aspect of our ensemble are not an exception. According to human Psychology, people wearing comfy shoes are more focused and do not get distracted or worried about unnecessary things. Generally, people look for various features of shoes and check them on different parameters before making a final purchase.  

Keeping their needs in mind, shoe companies have always surprised their valuable customers with the new incredible range of shoes that offers style and comfort. One such latest addition to their exceptional shoe collection is unlined shoes.

Although a new term for shoe lovers, it’s making a buzz in the market due to its salient features. Let us know a little more about this contemporary style of shoes, making news in the fashion world.

The objective of the Shoe lining

Before delving into the details of unlined shoes, let us know the objective of using lining in shoes.

  • The lining helps in providing structure to the shoe along with the heel counter and toe puff.
  • Lining being soft provides comfort.
  • Lining with reinforcements between two layers acts as insulation in cold weather.

What are Unlined Shoes?

What are Unlined Shoes?

To understand unlined shoes, the first thing we need to know, is the basic structure of lined shoes. Leather shoes comprise two separate layers known as upper lining and lower lining. These linings are stitched together to make a structure. It is further attached to the shoe base depending upon the pattern and design. So basically, the lining is the layer in the shoes that comes in contact with feet.

Lined Shoes

Unlined Shoes

Unlined shoes are the ones with partial lining. Completely unlined shoes are rare to see, as heel and stiffener areas are often lined, to provide the shoe with a better structure. To ensure protection and durability, the top edge at the opening is also usually lined. Sometimes, the rear section is lined close to the tongue, leaving the vamp area unlined. It depends on the shoe companies and brands, to what extent the shoes are unlined.

Advantages of Unlined Shoes

  1. Airier and Cooler

Airier, More Cooler

Unlike lined shoes, unlined shoes are not stiff. They are softer and comfortable; perfect wear for summers and hot regions. And excellent choices for relaxed, casual feel of the shoe. It can be worn without socks, providing more breathable space for your feet.

  1. Lighter, more Flexible and greater Stretchability

Lighter, more Flexible and greater Stretchability

No lining makes the shoes lighter and flexible and allows enjoying comfort with each step. 

  1. Cushiony and Comfy: Fun and Fashion

Cushiony and Comfy: Fun and Fashion

As these shoes are pretty comfortable, they are a perfect blend of fun and fashion. The comfort one gets in unlined shoes is irresistible and makes them wearable anytime, anywhere.

The only downside of unlined shoes is its shorter lifespan.

We have seen the brighter side of unlined shoes, we must not ignore the downside one may face with it. 

Unlined shoes tend to be less durable as compared to lined shoes. Two layers, usually with reinforcements between the layers, provide longer lifespan. So although it lasts longer, it is not as comfy as unlined shoes. 

So should you go for unlined or lined shoes? Before you decide, it is important to ask yourself this question: is comfort important to you? 

If yes, then go for unlined shoes! 

Here are some examples of partially unlined shoes that will go perfect for those with bunions and wide feet. Comfort at its best.

unlined shoes