What are the characteristics to look out for when selecting the right pair of footwear?

Footwear plays a vital role in our daily life. When shopping for shoes, we must have more than just fashion in mind —we should also consider function and form (i.e. in keeping our feet in good shape).

Characteristics to consider 

When choosing the perfect pair:

Fit is key

Always wear shoes that fit. This means the length and width of the shoe must be right for your toes and heel. Too tight around the back of the shoe may cause skin irritation and blisters. To avoid discomfort, it is recommended that there is approximately 3mm gap between the back of your heel and the shoe.

In terms of comfort around the forefoot, do ensure about 10mm gap between the end of your longest toe and the end of the front of the shoe. This will allow the toes to have enough room to wriggle as you move. The shoe should feel snug but not tight.

If you have always had problems with finding your size from mass-produced shoes, try Toufie shoes. Our inclusive size range, from EU34 to EU44, ensures that there is a perfect pair for everyone. From small- to big or plus- size shoes.

Comfortable enough to walk in

Besides size, shoe construction and appropriate usage of materials play a part in ensuring the shoes are designed for comfort wear.

Women of today look for shoes that support their every step throughout the day. So if you are indeed in a hunt for comfortable shoes, try looking for shoes that are made of natural materials such as high-grade leather. For instance, if your shoes are made from lambskin leather, you know you've got yourself a good deal especially with its stretchable and breathable properties. If the shoes are truly made from high-grade lambskin leather, you will be able to tell from its softness. The width is stretchable and it will mould to your feet with every wear. In fact, the more you wear them, the more comfortable it will get! That is why we always recommend women with bunions or wide feet to choose shoes that are stretchable, such as those made from lambskin. And an added comfort bonus is if the shoes are unlined (single layer of leather used to make the upper - the top part of the shoe). Although you have to be extra careful when you wear them, they are super soft and they will not hurt your feet!

The final feature of the shoe worth mentioning is its comfort heels. Be it the 1cm flats or the 5cm heels, be sure to pick the right heel height that suits your lifestyle. Avoid very thin heels or too high a heel. Opting for comfort heels (5cm), allows for optimal heel support and stability.

What to know before buying?

What should you look out for when you shop for a pair of comfy shoes?  Ask yourself these key questions before swiping that card for payment:

  • Size and fit: Is the fit right? Do I need to size up/down? Can I walk in them comfortably?
  • Function: Where will I wear the shoes to? Can they be used for multiple occasions like work, casual events, parties?
  • Price: Does the price fit the craftmanship? Am I getting value for money?

For a quality pair of shoes, every part of the shoe is constructed with comfort in mind.

At Toufie, we believe that every woman deserves comfy shoes – one that supports their daily routine and journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. So, whether you are looking for comfortable heels for weddings, shoes for travel, shoes for work or shoes for bunions, you can be sure to find that happy ending (for your feet) at Toufie.