What you need to know about the Replacement Heel Tip

What you need to know about the Replacement Heel Tip

What causes the heel tip to wear out?

The purpose of a rubber heel tip is to provide grip, comfort or cushioning and protect the leather-covered heelpiece above. Just like our car tyres, the more frequent the shoes are worn, the faster the wearing out effect will be on the rubber heel tip. 

Rubber Heel Tip

There are also other contributing factors that may lead to the wearing out of our heel tip such as:

  • Body weight
  • Type of heel: size and shape of the heel matter too e.g. the smaller the contact with the ground surface (i.e. tip for stiletto), the greater the wear out. 
  • Style of walking: One’s walking technique will definitely have an impact on the heel tip. For instance, for those who walk with an inward or outward bent, may see the work out effect on only one side of the heel tip. 
  • Ground surface: rough, course surfaces can shorten the lifespan of the heel tip
  • Material: the cheaper the material, the faster the wear out 

What to do when the heel tip starts to wear out?

heel tip starts to wear out

When your shoes are worn out, it is high time to replace the heel tip IMMEDIATELY to avoid any irreparable damage. 

Why should I replace it with Toufie’s Heel Tip? 

Toufie’s Heel Tip

Many a times, when a replacement of heel tip is required, we would just bring our shoes to our cobblers and have them replaced. Often, the shoes do not feel the same way they used to after the repair – it feels thick, uneven, and just different. This could be due to the replacement heel tip used by the cobbler. What was used may vary in size, material, and thickness.  

So, at TOUFIE, we would like to spare you from this frustration. Simply get your replacement heel tips (yes! The exact same ones – same fit, same feel, same high quality) from us and bring them to your preferred cobbler or shoe specialist to have them replaced. We assure you, your TOUFIE pair will thank you for it 😉 

When should I change my Heel Tip?

The best time to change your heel tip is when it starts showing signs of wear and tear such as a cracked heel tip or a thinning heel. Don’t wait till your heel tips fall or break off before you replace it! That might cause a more serious issue to your outsole! 

How can I prevent my heel tip from wearing out? 

Alternate shoes throughout the week. The rate of wear is accelerated if you wear the same pair of shoes repeatedly. To prolong the lifespan of your shoes, we’ll recommend that you rotate them to avoid constantly wearing out and having to replace their heel tips.

It is a good idea too, to regularly inspect your shoes perhaps after 3 months of use for indicators of wear and tear. Anyway, early detection is always good!