Why you should never pack your shoes without a shoe bag and tips in finding the perfect shoe bag

We recommend you use a shoe bag when you travel. Not only to make your shoes last longer, but also to keep the rest of your stuff clean.

We have surveyed people from all walks of life and found that 8 out of 10 people do not use shoe bags to pack their shoes! Gross right? We think so too.

Well, think about this…

As any average citizen, you walk on different floors, be it rock solid or wet, muddy roads and so on.

Packing your dirty shoes with other things that will touch your face (like face masks) is not a good idea at all.

Hence, keeping a separate bag or box for packing your shoes is of utmost importance.

According to Saskia Popescu, a senior infection prevention epidemiologist at Honor Health and George Mason University, “Shoes are definitely dirty, 100 percent.”

So, if you don’t carry an extra bag and put everything in a single case, chances are, you are opening yourself to serious infection! And nobody wants that, do we?

Hence, it is highly recommended to have a bag just for your shoes.

Here are some qualities that you need to look out for when picking your shoe bag.

  • Portable and not structured

Choose something that is lightweight and portable. A soft material that you can easily fold is a bonus. Cause it will save you space when you are not using them and need to store them. Anything too structured will take up too much space and may not be ideal for travelling too.

Portable and not structured

  • Non-mesh yet breathable

Sometimes, we do get grime and mud on the outsoles of our shoes. Something that we can’t really control due to the ground condition. So, to save our sanity from spreading the germs to all our other stuff, it is a great idea to place those shoes in a shoe bag.

Thus, it is better to pick out shoe bags that do not have mesh or holes, so that germs, mud and dirt do not leak out and stain the other clean stuff in our bag or luggage.

To have a breathable shoe bag is also important, so that it helps the air to circulate and not leave your shoes smelling foul or funky.

To learn more about how to avoid having stinky shoes, you can read the article here.

  • Washable (and thus cost-effective!)

We all know that the outsoles of our shoes are gross.

So, it is imperative that the shoe bag we choose is washable. Not only will it be cost-effective for us since we are able to reuse it, it is a big plus point when it comes to hygiene. So, win-win!!

  • Drawstring vs zipper

A drawstring bag tends to be more versatile as compared to those with zippers as it can also act as a holder for your bag. Besides, you won’t run into the problem of having a zipper stuck ever again!

Most of us too have shoes that are made from soft materials like leather and such, so it is best to keep those shoes away from bags that have sharp or rough accessories like a zipper.

Drawstring vs zipper

Where to find this ideal bag?

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