Why you should own at least one pair of flats?

A gentleman or a lady is judged by the shoes they wear.

No kidding! Some of us might think that shoes are just another component of our ensemble, but it is more than that.

Beyond accessorizing, a shoe is a necessity, and a well-dressed individual will never belittle the benefits of having a good shoe collection.

But for the common mass, it is difficult to keep looking for matching colours to match your outfit.

Do you happen to have the same problem at times?

If you do, don’t worry. Many people do. All you need is to own a few pairs of well-made flats with versatile colours to make your look complete.

If you have not developed a taste for flat shoes yet, we bet you will.

Comfortable and Casual

Always prioritize comfort above all else, akin to purchasing a property. Always go for the one that gives you the best result or returns for the long-run.

Based on a study done on women’s shoe preference, 80% states that they look out for comfortable flats when they are out on a shoe hunt. Not surprising indeed.

Comfortable and Casual

If you want to keep your feet and body healthy, look out for these qualities when buying flats. Ensure that they are made of:

  • Soft, stretchable material. So that they can mould to your feet. To accommodate and at the same time, prevent the formation of bunions.

Check out Toufie’s lambskin flats as they are made from ultra-soft and stretchable material, so they are perfect for everyday wear.

  • Anti-slip outsoles, like natural rubber. Remember, safety first!

Read the article on, “Leather sole vs. natural rubber sole: which is better for your everyday shoes?” to learn more about the best kind of anti-slip outsole for your safety.

  • Versatile colours – so they can match most of your outfit easily.

Check out the honest review by the influential Hong Kong blogger, Flora, as she shares about Toufie leather flats and why they are, “One of the most amazing flats she has ever worn!”

Flora Review

Not Planning to Buy Flats? Think Again

Indeed, you may feel that flats look too casual for a certain outfit or occasion. But think again, today, handcrafted flats are usually designed to be versatile, thus making them suitable for all occasions (at least for Toufie shoes😉).

Apart from that, there are a few other logical reasons as to why you must own a pair of flats.

  • Practicality

We do need shoes for daily wear. Something that is not flashy, not delicate, and will not burn a hole in our pocket. It can be any kinds of flat - a loafer, sneakers, or slippers which you can wear almost everywhere - for daily travel, airport, working out, hangouts, etc.

A practical mind will never forget to buy flats for regular usage.

  • Comfort

The idea of fashion minus comfort is just sick, and most fashionistas are in prompt denial of this. They always ask people to wear something comfortable.

After aching your legs in boots and thin stiletto heels, comfortable flats will be your saviour.

So, do not think twice before you spend on flat shoes. Buy well-fit shoes that make walking a fun activity.

  • Casual yet chic

If you want to look easy-going yet chic and ready for a board meeting, then go for leather flats.

That's because they wrap up a complete look. Trust us when we say that you can never go wrong with leather flats. It exudes confidence and a completely ‘in-control’ kinda look.

Wondering where you can get such chic leather flats? Check out Toufie, for example. Toufie focuses on high-quality leather ballet flats. Its classic silhouette makes it a timeless piece that goes beyond trends. Something worth investing on. 

Not Planning to Buy Flats

Bottom Line

Whenever you’re in doubt, always go back to your trusty leather flats for a chic look and comfortable feel. Also, a big thumbs up to ladies, who go through foot spas. Keeping your feet well-exfoliated and soft makes shoe-wearing a wonderful experience. And the best part is, it helps prevent the formation of blisters with soft and well-moisturized skin.

Here’s to many more happy feet days! As happy feet make a happy mood. So, the next time you go shoe shopping, do not skip on casual flats as they will help you retain the charm of your feet.

Bottom Line