What does on-demand production mean?

Making your shoes the eco-way.

On-demand production and why it matters

At Toufie, we recognize the importance of being environmentally responsible. We are constantly reviewing our processes as we believe that fashion should not cost the planet.

As a sustainable lifestyle brand, we are committed to reducing and minimizing wastage through our on-demand production and single Returns policy.

What is on-demand production?

On-demand production is a strong advocate of eco-sustainability. At Toufie, we produce exactly what our customers like, in the quantity and size that they want.

Mass-production is the traditional approach to making shoes whereby shoes are made in bulk and are based on prediction. This often leads to extensive wastage of resources due to fallacies of volume projections, manufacturing defects and others. 

Out-of-stock no more

With our on-demand production, consumers can shop with ease knowing that the shoes are always in stock and available. 

In today’s modern era, you’re no longer the passive consumer. Better informed and with more options available, you don't risk having something you don’t love, sit in your wardrobe. You are not in better control – your choice, your design.


Style . Purpose . Happiness

Get started today and shop the eco-way.