The Prep Station - Stage 1

Shoemaking at Toufie is an intimate process. Every stage is crucial to ensure quality, precision and care are observed in the making of every shoe.

The magic begins at The Prep Station

Your order is reviewed thoroughly, and information is passed on to the Production Manager who will brief the team at the shoe factory. There, the necessary materials are prepared for production. These include the heels, choice of materials, colours and many more to make the shoes as per your order. 

Once the materials are ready, they are delicately cut by our talented patternmakers into the required pattern and size. Pattern cutting requires the patternmaker to create the shape of every component of your shoe like the upper (the part of the shoe that cover the top of your foot), sock lining (a piece of leather inserted in the shoe over the insole) and heel.

With the patterns ready, your shoes will then go into a queue awaiting our team of craftsmen at the next station - Stitching.