Complete Leather Care Kit
Complete Leather Care Kit
Complete Leather Care Kit
Complete Leather Care Kit
Complete Leather Care Kit
Complete Leather Care Kit

Complete Leather Care Kit

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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk recipes No.1, No. 2 and No. 3 for the ultimate leather cleaning, leather conditioning and leather protection solution! The Complete Leather Care Kit comes with a FREE Leather Care Cloth for best results! It is advisable to use a separate cloth/section of the cloth for the application of different products.

Use the product in this order: No.2, No.1 and No.3. The numbers on the bottles refer to the recipe number not the sequence of use. 

Leather Straight Cleaner No. 2
It is an optimal blend of all-natural, plant-based ingredients specially designed to deeply penetrate leather’s pores and remove harmful contaminants, stains and spills. Due to its unique composition, this recipe will pull out more debris than traditional cleaners will, and is carefully concocted to ensure the safest and easiest cleansing experience possible. Always follow up with the Leather Care Liniment (Conditioner) after cleaning the pores of your leather to restore the Leather's natural oils.

Leather Care Liniment (Conditioner) No. 1
This is the ideal conditioner for leather of more natural qualities, lighter hues, and premium leather, due to its gentle yet highly enriching effects. In fact, Liniment’s versatility is immediately evident, adapting with ease to beautify and enrich nearly any kind of leather, from full-grain and vegetable-tanned to exotic crocodile and deerskin. This recipe is a true Jack-of-All-Trades. If you’ve got leather, Liniment’s got you covered. Once you've restored the leather's natural oils, time to protect your leather with the Water Protectant.

Leather Water Protectant No. 3
After conditioning your leather, it is time to protect your leather. Its thick consistency will bolster your leather’s natural defences while providing a rich source of nourishment to keep it healthy and strong. When applied, Water Protectant should cause water to bead on the surface of your leather, rolling off rather than being absorbed. Also ideal for excessively dry leather or leather in need of restoration. High concentrations of oils and nutrients greatly supplement proteins holding leather fibres together, and will also give your leather a more pleasant look and texture. It is very effective for covering scratches and scars and is known to restore colour on some leathers. It does not waterproof your leather (waterproofing leather destroys them), but it helps to protect your leather against harsh weather conditions or external elements, thus allowing it to last longer.  

How to use?

IMPORTANT! Use the product in this order: Cleaner, Liniment & Protectant.

1) Shake the product before using them.

2) Apply a small amount on your Care Cloth and in a circular motion, gently wipe the cloth on your leather (try on a discreet spot first). 

3) Let it dry thoroughly before applying the next product. Do not dry them under direct sunlight.

4) After applying the Water Protectant, let it dry thoroughly for at least 12 hours before using the item. 

These products are also perfect for...

Leather Bags, Furniture and Apparels
Our recipes are the optimal blend of water, penetrating natural oils and other all-natural ingredients specially designed to deeply penetrate leather pores, remove harmful contaminants, and simultaneously clean, protect and condition all your leather products.

Eco-Friendly, All-Natural and Safe for Human Skin!
Brewed to perfection with all-natural ingredients and an optimal pH-balanced recipe, our leather conditioners and cleaners stand out from the crowd. As you condition and clean, the recipes will tease your nose with subtle sensations. These robust scents last only as long as the conditioner takes to absorb, and will not affect your leather’s natural scents. Leather Milk Conditioners and Cleaners are earth-conscious and made with cosmetic grade ingredients completely natural and safe for human skin.

Easy Application
The cream texture designed for easy application and maximum absorption will melt into your leather products as easily as butter on hot bread. Enrich your leather colour and give it the soft, supple texture it deserves. As it absorbs and conditions, it will strengthen the fibres of your leather, making it grow stronger, and live longer.

All Leather Milk products are made in the USA.

Quantity 1 oz (about 30 ml)



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