Orthotic Gel Arch Support Insole Pads (Twin pack - 2 pairs)
elastic and superior quality arch pads
Orthotic Gel Arch Support Insole Pads (Twin pack - 2 pairs)
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Orthotic Gel Arch Support Insole Pads (Twin pack - 2 pairs)

Orthotic Gel Arch Support Insole Pads (Twin pack - 2 pairs)

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  • Pain Relief: Its special 3D design helps to ease pain caused by low arch height. Because of its ergonomic design, no matter what shoes you wear, it'll effectively reduce the pressure on your feet, thus relieving you of feet pain and fatigue (especially after long periods of standing and/or walking).
  • Natural Gel Silicone: Natural gel silicone is soft, flexible, elastic and harmless to the feet. The gel silicone material is reusable and washable. It bounces back to shape after long-wearing.
  • Self-adhesive: The ergonomic design makes the gel insoles long-lasting. They don't slip-off with movement, thus protecting your feet. They fit well in all kinds of shoes, from heels to sandals. You can wear them with or without socks. 
  • Excellent Shock Absorption: The elastic gel insoles distribute the pressure created by each step and provide additional support for feet and ankle muscles to reduce foot strain and fatigue. They play a vital role in shock absorption, thus making it comfortable to wear. 

Function: Orthotic Arch Support

Material: Natural Gel Silicone

Colour: Transparent

Size: Approx. 10 x 5.5 cm (one size)

Care Instructions:  Just wash the pads with warm soapy water and let it air dry on a flat surface, with adhesive facing up.  


- It is advisable to replace pads after 3 months, if it were to be used on a daily basis for long-hours. This is to ensure maximum support. 

- Since this is an orthotic support pad, it takes time for your feet to get used to the external arch support. Wear it for a few hours, 3-4 hours for the first few wears.

- If you suffer from completely flat feet or plantar fasciitis, it is best that you wear a 3/4 insole instead of an arch support pad. 

How to use: 

1) Wipe clean the shoe insoles. Ensure that the insole is dry.

2) Remove the clear plastic film from the arch support pads.

3) Position it in the insole of your shoes and paste it.

4) Test by wearing the shoes. Readjust the placement, if needed. When you've positioned it well, press the pads gently on the insole of your shoes to secure it.


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