About Toufie

Our Story

For years, we have been searching for shoes that put a wide smile on our faces – beautiful to look at yet gentle on our feet. Sadly, the shoes we found were either exorbitantly priced or poorly made with fit that were not made for walking.

Since we couldn’t find any shoes that fit the bill, we started Toufie (too-fee). The name, Toufie, is derived from Arabic roots to mean regal, successful and elegant. These are the exact qualities we want our Toufie women to embody.

Many months were spent on research and product testing so as to give you, shoes with the right fit - one that you could proudly wear all day long, to virtually anywhere without having to suffer in silence. We worked hard to create shoes that are versatile, stylish yet so comfortable that you could literally sprint to catch the morning bus or train, walk for miles or even stand for hours.

With the rising need for product customization, why blend in when you can stand out? We believe in bringing out the uniqueness in you. That is why you have the option to customize your shoes to your preference, your style. Be creative and explore the endless design possibilities with Toufie.


Together, let’s uncover your style, recover your purpose and discover your happiness.

Our Shoes

Toufie represents high-quality, elegant and functional products that are made accessible to all. We believe in redefining the way you look at shoes. With our obsession with comfort, high-quality materials and intricate craftsmanship, we are confident that you’ll love the shoes (as much as we do!).

Toufie custom made shoes fit is key

Fit is Key

Luxurious Comfort

Locally designed and intricately made by our team of craftsmen. Our shoes are made of the finest materials, versatile colours and textures. From a deeper toe box that provide added comfort to premium insoles that cushion your every step, we are certain that you’ll be head over heels in love with the shoes. 

Honest pricing at Toufie

Honest Pricing

Environmentally Responsible

We are constantly reviewing our processes as we believe that fashion should not cost the planet. As a sustainable lifestyle brand, we are committed to reducing and minimizing wastage through our on-demand production and single Return Policy.

At Toufie...

you don’t just own shoes,

you own a piece of craftsmanship.