T-shaped Heel Grip and Cushion
pads for shoes that are too big
T-shaped Heel Grip and Cushion
T-shaped Heel Grip and Cushion
T-shaped Heel Grip and Cushion

T-shaped Heel Grip and Cushion

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T-shaped Heel grips are great to prevent the common problem of shoe slippage which could lead to blisters. 
  • Anti-slip: Its soft material yet gripping design prevents the common problem of shoe slippage, caused by narrow bone structure or shoes that are a little too big for the feet. 
  • Anti-blisters: By helping to hold the heel in place and reducing friction, the t-shaped heel grip prevents blisters from forming.
  • Natural Gel Silicone: Natural gel silicone is soft, flexible, elastic and non-slippery. The gel silicone material is reusable and washable. It bounces back to shape after long-wearing. Unlike cloth or fabric cushion, silicone prevents the heel from rubbing against the skin. 
  • Self-adhesive: The ergonomic design makes the gel insoles long-lasting. They don't slip-off with movement, thus protecting your feet. They won't roll or curl up, unlike normal heel liners.

Function: 2 in 1 Heel grip and cushion (prevents blisters and shoe slippage)

Material: Natural Gel Silicone

Colour: Transparent (blends well with any shoe colour!)

Size: Approx. 10 x 14 cm (free size)

Care Instructions:  Just wash the pads with warm soapy water and let it air dry on a flat surface, with adhesive facing up.  Parts that are in contact with leather fibre will naturally stick to the adhesive, that makes it hard to be removed. If the adhesive is wearing off for those parts, simply use double-sided tape to secure it back on to your shoes. 

Learn more about the Heel Grip here.

Note: It is advisable to ensure that your shoes are not too snug to start with as it may make it too tight and therefore uncomfortable. 

How to use: 

1) Wipe clean the shoe insoles. Ensure that the insole is dry.

2) Remove the clear plastic film.

3) Position it in the insole and back counter of your shoes and paste it.

4) Press the pads gently to secure it.


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